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There was a time when planning for retirement was a fairly straightforward process. Sadly, those days are long gone and are unlikely to return.

A generation ago, Americans relied upon a pension, Social Security and some personal savings to make it through a retirement that may have lasted only about 10 years. Since then, planning for retirement has become substantially more complicated. Out of necessity, Americans have been forced to become more responsible for their own retirement income. To compound matters, rising costs of living, healthcare costs, taxes, inflation and market volatility all contribute to reduce the amount of income available to live on during retirement.

Over 78 million people will turn 65 over the next 18 years; that’s over 10,000 each day. This will undoubtedly put a huge strain on Medicare and Social Security. But the key question on most of these people’s minds is can the system handle this crush and will they have enough money to enjoy retirement?

Today, those planning for retirement need to prepare for 30-40 years of retirement and look for ways to retire and still live with dignity and financial freedom. As we continue to live healthier and longer lives, we must also prepare for this longer period with adequate retirement income streams.

Defined Pension Plans, once the backbone of past retirement plans, have been reduced and almost eliminated over the last 25 years. Most large employers switched over to 401k’s starting in 1981. By 1990 there were 97,614 401k plans covering 19.5 million employees with assets of $385 billion. By 2007 there were over 500,000 401k plans covering 50 million participants and over $2 trillion in assets. Most of the 401k assets are held in mutual funds and subject to stock market gains and losses. With the economic meltdown of 2008, millions lost a large portion of their 401ks.

My Retirement Direct advisors focus on ways to safeguard and protect their clients’ retirement savings. The best way to overcome the recent challenges in the market is to strike a balance between keeping retirement savings secure while maximizing the amount of income generated from those savings.

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